Here it is. The full history of ezV24.

2011/4/11 - 0.1.3

To start over, this release adds a patch to strip unnecessary access rights from the lock file. Many typos are fixed. This will be the last release of the 0.1.x series, and the last release maintained with CVS!

2006/6/3 - 0.1.2

This release add some features like RPM support, new functions (v24GetDSR, v24GetCTS), the open flag O_SYNC. Due to my limited spare time, this release wasn't published as tarball (CVS only).

2003/2/11 - 0.1.1

This is mainly a bug fix release. non blocking reads should now work as expected. The v24CountPorts() bug is fixed too.

2002/09/10 - 0.1.0

This is the first full-featured release. All functions are implemented and all known bugs are fixed.

2002/5/12 - 0.0.4

This is mainly bug-fix release. v24Gets() had a serious bug. buildLockName() had a bug preventing the creation of a lock file. There are two new functions added.

2001/11/18 - 0.0.3

Two bugs are fixed. The first support for Windows is done. The Makefile builds a static library too.


Magazin-42 #6 comes with a german article about `ezV24'. This includes a Qt sample application.

2001/9/25 - 0.0.2

Add the documentation to the sources and the tarball.

2001/8/20 - 0.0.1

The first release to some testers.