Welcome to the `ezV24'

The goal of this library is to provide an easy to use programming interface to the serial ports of the Linux system. This release comes with some support for the CYGWIN toolchain. Due to the great work of the cygwin folks, only minimal changes are needed. I know that the cygwin-stuff of `ezV24' isn't the final stuff, but it's a first step and it works.


To download the latest releases, just visit the project page!

Don't forget, this release is a beta release! This is mainly because I want to add some more features before a final 1.0 release. One of these things is a real mingw-port for the native Windoze API.

For me and for some other users, the state of the library is stable enough to use it in production environments. Nevertheless it is your risk (and decision) to use it. ;-)

What comes next?

I would like to rewrite the windows code to get rid of the cygwin dll. Therefore I have to use the plain windows api. Another important thing is to add support for the GNU autotools. If this is up and running, I will support building debian packages.

I personally use Debian GNU/Linux. So the package includes all the stuff to build a .deb package.


To install the library, just unpack the archive and execute the following steps:

RPM packages

Thanx to Pascal Bleser, there's now a spec file for RPM's. Binary build for SuSE-Linux could be found at guru.unixtech.be Note that I can't build or test the RPM build process. If you have any questions about RPM's, please contact Pascal Bleser.


The library comes with some documentation in html format. This documents are generated from the sources using Doxygen. Nevertheless, the manual available online too.

A small history


To start over, this release adds a patch to strip unnecessary access rights from the lock file. Many typos are fixed. This will be the last release of the 0.1.x series, and the last release maintained with CVS!


This release add some features like RPM support, new functions (v24GetDSR, v24GetCTS), the open flag O_SYNC. Due to my limited spare time, this release wasn't published as tarball (CVS only).


This is mainly a bug fix release. non blocking reads should now work as expected. The v24CountPorts() bug is fixed too.

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